Turn Marketing Objectives into Action

My name is Leslie Lopes; I provide creative direction and design.
For over thirteen years I have helped companies develop their marketing materials for both products and services.

My overall goal is to turn marketing objectives into action.
Marketers work with me to bridge that gap between marketing and design. As a result, projects move forward in a timely and productive manner. My foundation is in design, but I have further applied those skills to help develop effective marketing and branding strategies. These strategies often are focused on understanding the brand positioning of a product or service, as well as, developing personas/archetypes of their customers or clients.

By providing the detailed design, creative vision, and strategy, they can better reach marketing and branding goals. Please take a look at my site to see if my skills align with your needs.


Leslie Lopes
Owner/ Creative Director

” I feel very lucky to be in an
industry where I constantly
meet new people and learn about
new products and ideas”

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